About the Show

Digital Empire Nation is a nationally syndicated radio show which is based in New York City hosted by Lil Nat. It airs in syndication on DTFRadio.com in the NY tri-state, OneWestRadio.com or 107FM in LA, and Power 104.9FM in Kokomo Indiana. Digital Empire is a radio show which premise was based on empowering the dj. The show rotates djs every week and gives them the freedom to play whatever music they choose. Also, the show interviews all those who need the platform from artist, producers, actors, business owners, chef, etc. With all of that Lil Nat also discusses news, politics, gossip, and events as well.

Digital Empire Nation started In May of 2012 on G.I.D Radio with host Lil Nat and Co-host Big Kitch. After about 6 months the show is moved to DTF radio. The move to DTF increased reach, fans, and exposure. In 2015 the show begins to simulcast on FRP TV as well. By 2016 syndication began on One West radio (106fm) in LA, while negotiations finish for Power 104.9 in Indiana and still growing.

The show is a radio show comprised of talk and music. The music played on the show is in variety due to the rotation of the dj. Digital Empire Nation has played Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Pop, as well as techno, and rock. Throughout the show interaction with the fans as far as calls in for request, giveaways, shout outs and on-air questions are also incorporated. Digital Empire Nation can be listened too or watched on the following formats:

DTFRadio.com 7 pm – 9 pm EST
DTF Radio App

Power 104.9 FM  or get the power 104.9FM app

OneWestRadio.com (107FM)

88.7fm da blaze

103.7fm da beat

96.2 fm the smooth groove


Londons Energy

Iheart Radio


Tunein app search your favorite station


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