Dj Chuck Murdock

A turntable legend from Queens, NY where hip-hop saw some of its greats raised. The borough has now given us its latest protege Dj Chuck Murdock. Much like the legendary disc jockey, Jam Master Jay, Dj Chuck Murdock spins tunes with the same masterful talent and dedication.

Being a master of the mix, Dj Chuck Murdock combines the musical styles of Pop, House, Reggae, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Electronic Dance, and R&B to set the stage. Inspired by Dj Red Alert, Dj Jam Master Jay, and Dj Ike Love, their phenomenal methods of moving the crowd while mixing records motivated Chuck to not only be as good as them but to become a household name. With a growing popularity for bringing the roof down at any club or event, Dj Chuck Murdock has become a fixture on NYC & Las Vegas party scene. Many have witnessed his talents, as he lit’ up the world renown China Club, Suzie Wongs, Tenth Rail, Amnesia, Perfections, Club Rebel, Tabu, Play Lounge, Vanity Gentleman’s club, Starlets, City Scapes, Angels, Island Taste, Caribbean Soul Blue Martini (Las Vegas), Embassy Night Club The Artisan Botique Hotel, Saki Rock, Van Guard, and many more. As the premiere Dj for Superstar Radio, which featured celebrity guests such as Maino, Meek Mills, Freeway, Papoose, adult entertainment star Pinky, and former NBA star Lamar Odom, he maintains a professional yet laid back demeanor. While Dj Chuck Murdock continues to rock the house, he is eager and poised to explodeontheglobalscene

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