Digital Empire Djs

Digital empire nation is not only a radio show but a DJ crew. Lil Nat with her vast contacts of DJs listened to their complaints about joining crews like Big dawg pitbulls. Nat decided to gather the DJs she could and start this crew. The purpose of this crew is to unite DJs everywhere, help launch careers from DJs to artist and spread versatility. Djs affiliated will help one another, share certain records and work towards furthering careers, dreams, and goals.

Djs on Digital nation Empire
• Dj N.O
• Dj Sparkx
• Dj Sylk
• Gallo the great
• Dj G Money
• Dj Red Bottom
Just a few names and still growing……

Requirements to become a Digital Empire nation Dj
• 1-3yrs experience with either tours, parties
• Radio experience (college/online/major) a plus
• Producer/musician a plus
• Own a label a plus
Must be able to play all genres, Submit a mixtape, picture, and biography

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