Knowledge Borne

When you hear the name Knowledge Borne, you think mastermind. Earning the titles, Super Producer, C.E.O, Manager, Radio Director, and artist Consultant, Knowledge Borne clearly creates the plan of attack and will do everything it takes to make it happen.

C.E.O Knowledge Borne started his company Low Eyes Records in July of 2004 with the vision of becoming an independent powerhouse. As the business progressed Knowledge began to sign artist under his label and began first focusing on artist development. The first artist signed to Low Eyes Records was Tammie Haynes. Though conflict of interest issues caused Low Eyes Records and artist Tammie Haynes to go their separate ways, Knowledge Borne continued in his endeavors. The focus was now set on artist A Brown, who upon his release from prison began recording and planning his project. Later in 2007 Low Eyes Records signed it’s next official artist Fermz in which they began production on Fermz first release “Dope Couture”. Fast Forwarding to 2010, the company began building its team to consist of 2 staff members, a list of producers under GMG Productions and 2 artist. After experiencing many ups and downs as expected in running a business Knowledge Borne continued to work with artist and add to his credibility.

Knowledge Borne began to look at ways to increase the productivity and success of the label hence creating its parent company Low Eyes Entertainment in 2012. Low Eyes Entertainment helped create new and improved opportunities as well as made his ideas a reality. Knowledge Borne created a powerhouse that would now facilitate a wide spread of services through numerous channels now available. But the powerhouse did not stop there as Low Eyes Entertainment has a few other companies under its umbrella. Although Low Eyes Entertainment is the parent company to Low Eyes Records, they also have… Low Eyes Music (the management division), GlobalShyne (The Promotion Company), and it’s (radio division) which includes Something Serious Sundays, Da Rad & Assas Show and Digital Empire Nation.

Knowledge Borne has since worked with various artists signed and unsigned through his label as well as outside of his label. Some of his credits can be attached to artist that range from Product G&B, Smiff n Wessun, Clarisa Rose, Kendra Williams, Parish (Epmd), Big Assas, Rock (Heltah Skeltah), Young B, Supreme and a few others. He has also worked with various companies such as Dl Global Entertainment, Bucktown USA,, Focused Magazine, Gid Radio, DTF Radio, Don Diva, El Media Group, Av8 Records, Def Rugs, Red Handed Imagery, and Tha L Spot, just to name a few. Some of Knowledge Borne most memorable accomplishments would include legally owning the company he works for, Working with Smiff N Wessun, getting 3 radio shows within one year, having one of his first artist (Kendra Williams) under his management nominated for a UMA as well as her first printed interview in Hip Hop Stardom 101 (Now Stardom101) Magazine alongside DMC from Run DMC and getting his first ad in that same magazine.

In 2017 he has begun a reinvention of his professional brand and company outlook. Closing the doors on Low Eyes Entertainment after 10yrs of business, Knowledge formed Borne & Associates LLC. His new company started in order to keep his goals of helping others advance within the entertainment and business world he is accustomed too. Now with a primary focus on consulting and management Knowledge keeps his creative business methods flowing behind the scenes of his clients.

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