DJ Ricky Slaughther

For over 20 years now, Ricky Slaughter been privileged enough to DJ at many different venues.  After growing up with a passion for music and electronics (amplifiers, speakers, etc.), he began his career as a DJ performing at college parties and friends’ weddings in the mid two thousands, even DJ’d at some school dances, and a few clubs and raves, back in the day!  After working for some local DJ companies, Ricky decided that he wanted to provide a DJ service far beyond what is normally offered as a mobile DJ.  So he decided to move forward and start his own business in 2011. Since July of 2011, this is how he’s made his full-time income to help feed his family and pay the bills.

Even though Ricky Slaughter can be seen utilizing his DJ skills (turntable style mixing, seamless mixing, custom remixes, and edits, etc.) at holiday parties, class reunions, corporate events, birthdays and anniversaries, weddings hold a special place in his heart.  The first reason weddings hold a special place in his heart is that he has recently married the love of his life, so he understands how much time and effort goes into planning the perfect day (he’s learned a lot over the years and he continues to learn…yes, even after 2000+ weddings & events!).  He will always go out of his way to do his best and make sure that your dream wedding becomes a reality!

Ricky Slaughter does this by providing information to help you plan and customize the music and flow of events for your wedding; He also covers all bases and makes sure all steps are taken to ensure that your business transaction with me goes smoothly from beginning to end. Nothing makes him happier than to see his clients and their guests enjoy their favorite dance tunes at their events! Since he does this full time, his clients use him as a resource to plan their entire event, not just help with music at their event.  He’s about more than just music, as he takes pride in helping his clients with all production aspects of their events (Audio, Video, Lighting, Decor, etc.).

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