Gallo the Great

From the age of 7, standing on crates to reach the turntables, New York City born Gallo The Great always knew he had to stand out. “It’s not just the music, it’s about improving myself. I’m all about progression every time I do something”, he emphatically stated. Gallo’s musical landscape includes the influences of 90’s hip hop and a vibrant Caribbean household. This amazing DJ’s love for music spans the areas of EDM to hip hop, reggae and old school.

Under the guidance of his mentor and stepfather, Gallo spent countless hours developing his skills and paying his dues. Throughout his teenage years, he carried crates to family functions, block parties and sneaking quick 15 minute sets at Brooklyn night clubs.

Music is the planet’s universal language. When asked what kind of crowds he enjoys playing for: “No specific kind of crowd, they just gotta have fun and vibe with the music”. Many consider themselves “spinning” when inserting a cd or switching tables, he is creating an experience. Energy, fun, freedom and dance are a few of the words that come to mind as he sets the tone for any event.

Even though Gallo enjoys playing for all types of crowds, he thoroughly appreciates being a part of memorable experiences such as weddings and anniversaries. “I really want to be the life DJ… the one you will remember forever.”

Gallo The Great isn’t just a button pusher, he’s the catalyst for a hip hop flashback, the connoisseur for an old school crush moment, the springboard for new school and can send you on a tropic adventure with some reggae. He makes the first dance with your new love something you’ll never forget, because you’re dancing to your favorite song. Acute thought and execution are paramount to a great DJ. Gallo The Great will invest in your mind blowing musical eargasm.

You can catch him Sundays, 4-6pm at The Grown Man Show on or rocking a set at one of NYC’s local hotspots. He’s also the official DJ for The Blacklist Tour and The Foundation Limelight Concert Series.

Why book a good when you can have The Great!

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