DJ G Money


DJ G$Money is a young, fresh and energetic DJ/Producer from South Jamaica Queens, NY. Before Serato and laptops, the baby faced G Money would find himself lugging vinyl filled crates and rocking a crowd with two turntables and a mic. G Money has also been branded with the alias “Mr. 8000,” due to his effortless ability to electrify and control crowds of all genres.
Undoubtedly inspired by DJ legends of the game, G Money essentially drew the majority of his inspiration from home. Following in the footsteps of his father, a teenaged G Money received his very own set of turntables along with his dad’s vinyl records and a mic as a Christmas gift. With the talent of DJ’n in his blood, it was foreseeable that G Money’s fingertips and his turntables would instantly become inseparable. The art of “scratching” old school records with new school flair quickly became G Money’s passion.
All through college G Money was the go to man for all school parties and talent events. He began to acquire an ear for great music while perfecting his skill. He made his debut TV appearance on BET’s Lil Kim: Lockdown special. After graduating, he was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a world renowned legend.
G Money has had the privilege of working with a host of local artists and internationally known celebrities in all genres of the music industry. Most notably, G Money has appeared on BET’s 106 & Park as guest DJ, VH1’s Mob Wives & the Gossip Game. He has worked with Erin Christine, Bishop Nehru, Fred da Godson, Fabolous and Movado just to name a few. G Money he had the privilege of meeting and networking with the greatest DJs of all times at the honorary Dr. Jay’s salute the DJ’s photo-shoot. G Money was the only up and coming DJ present.
Currently, G Money can be heard every Thursday nights co-hosting and DJ’n on The show receives 200k+ viewers/listeners per week with guest appearances from hip-hop’s hottest artists. As well as privately held events, such as clubs and unsigned artist shows.
G Money the Producer has composed several hit records for himself and other artist that have gained worldwide recognition via social media networking sites in addition to radio play by NYC’s top radio stations/DJs.
G Money is affiliated with a non-profit organization known as Life Camp. Comparable to G Money’s feel good and positive demeanor, Life Camp’s mission is to develop teens and adults into peer leaders.
Determination and loyalty to his passion has provided G Money with the countless stepping stones needed to reach the top while his humbleness has earned him the respect from fellow DJs in an aggressive industry. G Money appeals to all musical crowds and his young unparalleled originality is the magnetism that continues to attract him to the people.

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